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World Mental Health Day 10 October 2021: A Pledge to Simplify

October 11, 2021

Workplaces are becoming more complicated in every way. Technology and globalisation provides a continuous connection to the outside world through the devices we carry with us 24/7. Elon Musk states that, today, this essentially makes us ‘cyborgs’.

Indeed, technology is rapidly evolving, workplaces are forever restructuring, and roles are becoming less clear and certain. Just throw in a global pandemic to really get us tangled.

It is not surprising that individuals are reporting increased burnout, reduced well-being, lack of meaning, and frustration as they navigate the transformation of work. As shown in the Super Friend Report (2020), 60% of workers have a mental health condition. While most interventions focus on improving individual resilience, the real underlying causes are left unaddressed.

This is where Project Simplify comes in. This project is focused on making systemic improvements to the workplace through simplification, which helps to create a work environment that prevents mental health issues.

October is Mental Health Month and 10 October is World Mental Health Day.

The objective is to raise awareness of mental health issues and make mental healthcare a reality. Aligned with this, we are encouraging individuals to help minimise complexity in the workplace through simple actions.


1. Pick your favorite pledge card below

2. Right click and save on to your computer or phone

3. Upload on to your social media account (eg. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) and include the hashtags #worldmentalhealthmonth #projectsimplify #pledgetosimplify

4. Carry out your pledge in October!

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